CUBE is the hallmark of a successful team of builders and construction engineers in Mallorca.

The owner, Mr. Manfred Willms, has been a general contractor, developer and project developer in Germany, Italy and Mallorca for 35 years.

Our commitment: to integrate the high building standards and norms from Germany into Mediterranean construction.

Our focus: General contractor for old and new construction, renovations and restorations, building activities as well as purchase and project development of residential and commercial real estate, new construction and renovation of real estate, apartments and houses in Mallorca.

Due to our many years of experience in all areas of project planning and realization of construction projects, we feel committed to your project to fulfill your dream of living in a southern ambience stress-free and with high competence.

In the future, the construction business in Mallorca will occupy an increasingly large area of our activities and will be the focus of our work. Through collaboration with local creative architects and our personal passion, we take up the current architectural currents and interpret and integrate them into the Mediterranean building culture. The result is architecturally sophisticated and technically perfect objects - apartments, houses and villas -

We are looking forward assisting you with your building project, new construction or renovation!